School Fundraiser Prizes: 25+ Ideas to Incentivize Students!

When spring cleaning hits, it’s the perfect time for your high school band to hold a yard sale. Ask for donations from the community and host a massive yard sale. People looking for a bargain love big yard sales, so it’s sure to draw a crowd. Otherwise, you can spread yourself thin trying to keep track of all your fundraisers and creating supporter fatigue.
They don’t want to lose power as they cram for major tests and apply for college scholarships! Give them the gift of power with Braided Charging Cables The case makes them easy to carry, and they work with any phone or laptop that has a type C USB. Wood rulers are fine for 4th or 5th graders, but younger students may need to measure, too. That’s why your elementary school should go the extra mile with Flexible Rulers!
Having a special pizza party for the whole class at the end of an event is a great way to celebrate the hard work they did fundraising. If you happen to have access to a very organized team to support your school, you can create an overnight camping event to raise money for your cause. These types of events are special experiences the kids will remember for years to come. Some unique things you can include in night–time events are releasing candlelight lanterns into the sky, campfire sing-a-longs, or a nighttime game of Capture the Flag.
So when you promote the idea that every little bit matters, you’ll see an accumulation of funds and students will see their own impact on their school. Many of these fundraising ideas involved virtual or in-person events. Taking your fundraiser online is crucial to spread the word farther than your neighborhood and make it possible for family members across the world to get involved. Additionally, these online donation pages offer flexible payment options including debit/credit, Paypal, and Apple Pay, so you’re not held to the limitations of cash or check. Legacy-style fundraising ideas for colleges and universities give students and alumni the chance to have a lasting impact on their alma mater. Offer students the opportunity to have their name and a short message engraved on a brick, to be placed in a prominent walkway or courtyard on campus.
Set up a collection point, perhaps at your school, where people can drop off their old phones. Advertise your mobile phones recycling drive, making sure to highlight that the drive is for a good cause. Throughout the drive, keep people informed about the progress (e.g. 100 phones donated so far), and encourage further donations. Whether fundraising ideas for high school fundraising event is indoors or outdoors, you will need a movie license. Choose 2-3 movies and fill in the movie license applications. The following additional free resources offer more help as your team works to find your next fundraiser.
We provide free brochures, order forms and cash collection envelops. You pay us after you sell your Premium Cookie Dough Pucks when you place your order. I can not tell you how many people tell us their football team is going to make a fortune holding a car wash. We never hear from people who actually make a fortune mind you – only from groups that plan to make a lot of money on a future car wash. On the next Friday or Saturday, host a special event like a game night or fall festival, and dramatically reveal the culprit! This can be an excellent way for your PTO to boost event attendance and ensure increased donations.
Lollipop Fundraising is an easy fundraising idea for elementary schools, middle schools and youth sports teams. Because you homeschool your child doesn’t mean that there are not financial needs. In fact, more and more homeschool fundraisers are being conducted by families joining together. It’s a wonderful way to provide services that individual parents can’t do alone. We help many of these groups choose the best homeschool fundraising ideas.
Learn how to host a battle of the bands, a balloon raffle, and more from the Future Fund team. But we can all agree that food is great, and that makes school food fundraisers a mighty tasty idea. If you want to reach donors’ hearts, you can go through their stomachs with these food fundraising ideas for schools.
If you have a collection of musical acts, consider hosting a battle of the bands. For schools that don’t have a uniform, consider options that are outside the normal dress code like pajama day. You could even serve breakfast for lunch that day and make it an entire theme. Fun days like this require very little planning, so you can throw them together for some extra field trip money or one of the needs of the classroom. This is a great opportunity to include the yearbook staff in the ad sales and get some practice in this type of business communication.